GenoCon Best Design Award presented to Masahiro Mochizuki

On the occasion of RIKEN Yokohama Institute Open Day, Sept. 29 BASE Director Tetsuro Toyoda presented Masahiro Mochizuki with the GenoCon 2010 Best Design Award.
Comprehensive evaluation of the first GenoCon “Based on the experimental results, we selected Masahiro Mochizuki for the Best Design Award. In evaluation, the GenoCon committee gave the highest rating to Masahiro Mochizuki’s idea for showing the best results in increasing the number of stoma in the evaluation experiments, and for the innovative quality of his original idea report.

Masahiro Mochizuki also got the Best Idea Award with his interesting idea to add stomagen, which increases stomatal density, even in the very limited DNA length. Since this idea does not directly affect plant tolerance, we could not evaluate his idea effectively. For a true evaluation it is better to check the absorption ratio of formaldehyde. In this case his design showed the best result under 0.75mM conditions. This concentration is strong enough for practical usage.”

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