How to enter Challenge B

GenoCon2 Entry Handbook for Challenge B (PDF)

GenoCon2 Entry Handbook for Challenge B (PDF)

※ The Official contest period has begun! Please go ahead and enter GenoCon2. We will be adding a few more functions, especially for Challenge A.
※ This application method page has links to Challenge B sample pages. If you would like to enter Challenge A, please check Challenge A – Promoter Manuals.


  1. Report (Required)
  2. Programming code
    • Input data
    • Output result

Flow Chart for Entering Challenge B

Please refer to the GenoCon2 Entry Handbook for Challenge B PDF that you can download above! The following flow chart is explained in detail in the manual, with key links to important steps.

How to enter Challenge B Overview

  1. Create your account
  2. Please create your account at LinkData. You can use the same account at LinkData_app.
  3. Register input data
  4. You can register your input data at LinkData. Please check tutorial page when you add data. If you are only using our prepared data, you do not need to add any new data to LinkData.
    Sample data for Challenge B
  5. Create your program
    • Using your original data
    • Click “Add New Application” button at the right-bottom of “Work Information” page.
      (Ex. sample data
      1. Select “Create a new program and register as an App.”
      2. Check the data you are
      3. Select “Create a new program.”
      4. The system automatically creates sample programming, which accesses to your data and displays it.
    • Modifying our sample program with your own improvements
      1. Open sample program for Challenge B(
      2. Copy the sample program using the “Fork this app as your new one” button at the bottom

      When you run the sample program, please save it first! Otherwise it does not work (now we are fixing this problem..).
  6. Save output result
  7. Please do not forget to save your script result with “Save a snapshot” button.
  8. Make your report
  9. You can write your report on the “ReadMe” tab page on your LinkData_app.

  10. Entering GenoCon2 (Required)
  11. When you enter GenoCon2, do not forget this process before the deadline!
    Select “GenoCon_facebook” by clicking the “Enter this work..” button. After our review, your entry will be listed on our facebook page.

Security policy

When you create your own application on LinkData_app the default setting is Public (anyone can access the page for this application).
If you want to create your application in private, please select “Private” on the Properties” page.

You need open your data and application as Public before GenoCon2 final entry.

We look forward to your entry. Thank you!