Detoxification Challenge B


The GenoCon2 Challenge B assignment builds on the same Design Challenge as in GenoCon 2010: design a DNA sequence conferring to the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana the functionality to eliminate and detoxify airborne formaldehyde.

Though this function has been successfully engineered in previous work, your task is to increase the performance of formaldehyde absorption. DNA sequences which improve upon previous designs or which use completely new methods to add this function to the plant to absorb and remove formaldehyde effectively are both accepted.

Redesigning the plant Calvin cycle to turn toxic formaldehyde (HCHO) into sugar by Introducing bacterial genes. Two genes introduced into the plant Arabidopsis thaliana allows the plant to remove HCHO from the air. (Izui: Kinki University , Sakai: Kyoto University, and Kato: Kyoto Gakuen University)