About GenoCon

Open design, in synergy with closed synthesis and experimentation, harnessing crowd innovation safely

GenoCon is an international open rational design platform for genome construction that utilizes an Open Data Innovation (ODI) philosophy for Synthetic Biology to harness crowd innovation to support life-science technology research.

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Please feel free to use all the applications and continue designing your own promoters!

Promoter Design Challenge Quick Start
Design a plant promoter DNA sequence using the PromoterCAD software to search for functional regulatory DNA. Make a promoter which controls specific expression in a plant tissue such as leaf, stem, or root, or only at a particular time of day. Accepted DNA designs will be synthesized, transformed into real plants, and tested for gene expression!

PromoterCAD is a DNA design web application for mining plant expression and regulatory databases to create promoter architectures of cis-regulatory motifs. You can use PromoterCAD to mine for cis-regulatory motifs with a desired function, or you can enter your own motifs to the design.

SOFTWARE UPDATE: Try out the new PromoterCAD tool, with MotifRanking plugin!

PromoterCAD tutorials: Jump here

GenoCon2 promoter design submission guide: Jump here

The Promoter Design Challenge EXTENDED Deadline was February 22, 2013.

The grand prize award for Plant Promoter Design is a Dell XPS™ series 13 inch Ultrabook™ computer, courtesy of Dell Inc.

GenoCon challenges participants to design synthetic DNA sequences on the computer, as solutions to cutting-edge problem assignments. Participants make use of semantically linked data from scientific databases and literature to construct their solutions. Though the challenge problems are advanced scientific research areas, software tools (a CAD environment) are provided so as to make the challenge accessible to nonspecialist researchers and even students. Submitted DNA designs are selected for quality and originality.

Currently, the GenoCon2 biannual international competition focuses on modifying the genome of the thale cress plant Arabidopsis thaliana. The reward for a good design: GenoCon pays for the synthesis of the DNA and its transformation into a real plant!
A GenoCon laboratory then characterizes the transgenic plant with state of the art quantitative measurement equipment and data analysis methods. The GenoCon committee then reviews the results and scores each design for performance. Winning design contestants will be invited to contribute to publication of GenoCon results, in addition to contest prizes.

The New GenoCon2 Challenge Assignment: Design synthetic plant promoters to control gene expression – tissue and/or time specific!

The GenoCon rational genome design platform uses open data technology to create and share designs with the world, utilizing professional laboratories to synthesize and test designs under protected conditions.
Open design, in synergy with closed synthesis and experimentation,
harnessing crowd innovation safely.